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Are You a Good Person?

When you examine your words, thoughts and deeds, can you truly say that you are free from sin? Let me provide you with the opportunity to hear the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus has commanded all men, everywhere, to repent of their sins and believe the gospel (Mark 1:15). In order to repent of your sins, you must learn to “turn away” from them. Christ is the answer through His sacrifice when He paid for your sins, by dying on the cross and His miraculous resurrection (Romans 6:23).
Through His resurrection, Jesus grants all righteous men a loving and eternal life with God (John 14:19). You are compelled to turn away from sinful acts including lying, stealing, adultery, envy and greed. A man is judged on both thoughts and deeds.

If you owed a million-dollar fine and went to court to be judged, you probably could not pay that fine. The ONLY way the judge can let you go free and still be righteous is for someone else to pay your fine on your behalf. If I had a million dollars and came into the courtroom, just before the judge was about to sentence you, and said, “Your honor, I am paying his fine for him so he doesn’t have to suffer the consequences of the law he broke. I’m doing this because I love him.” In doing this, the judge MUST allow you to go free because your fine has been paid!

In addition, in doing that for you, your attitude toward me will change forever! If I asked you, “Will you do this for me?” You would likely show gratitude for the fine I paid for you. If you did something to offend me, you would tell me you are sorry and you would try not to do that anymore. Do you see where I am going with this? This scenario describes biblical faith and repentance.

Jesus has the righteousness you need, the payment for the fine you owe, and eternal life you so desperately need! Do you believe this? Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15). If you believe Jesus did all this just for you, you will love Him and serve Him. James said, “Faith is dead without works” (James 2:17) Jesus lived, died and rose for you, just so you could have a right standing with God! Has this news changed your attitude toward God and your sin? If so, then help me spread the good news of the Gospel to the rest of the world because Jesus, the One who paid our massive sin debt, commands us to “preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

Thank you for visiting my website,
Jody Parks

Why You Should Choose Parks' Waterproofing!

Parks’ Waterproofing is the ONLY waterproofing company in North Carolina that offers maintenance free solutions in 99% of our custom solutions while maintaining the structural integrity of your foundation and code compliant

GFCI outlets trip often, pumps fail often, electricity fails often. Don’t let your dry basement be dependent on any of these!

Our Client Reviews

5.0 / 5.0

Based on 33 reviews

Courtney D.

I cannot say enough about Jody and his team of guys. Do yourself a favor and call them, but if you have other jobs schedule them last because they will set the bar so high everyone else will fall short. Jody himself came out a few times, and would text and call during the entire job checking in and making sure everything was going well. My house was actually a negative grade and they had to regrade all around the house, install a dehumidifier in the crawl space, installed new gutters and drains in the yard…they did so well I kept adding jobs! I have never come across this level of professionalism in this industry. I would call them again in a heartbeat!

Bryan B.

Jody saved us a ton of money by quickly and accurately diagnosing our wet basement issue as simply under-sized gutters. Instead of digging around the foundation and waterproofing, they installed new gutters, downspouts and drain lines, and our basement is now dry. Honest, professional, experienced, reasonably priced - give him a call before you have anyone start a waterproofing jobs you might not need.

Gail & Casey B.

We are pleased with the job at Granite Falls, NC. 5 star! The basement is dry and condensation is gone, bright white covering. The dehumidifier is hard at work, again thank you. The gutters are redirecting the rain waters. God bless you.

Debbie & Dave V.

We hired Parks’ Waterproofing to address a moisture issue in the basement of our log home in Buck Mountain. We were convinced during our initial meeting with Jody to go with his company based on the Waterproofing Lifetime Guarantee offered and other services his company provides such as hardscaping & landscaping. During the course of our waterproofing project and as we began to experience and appreciate the high quality of workmanship, we solicited Jody for ideas to expand the scope of the work into hardscaping and landscaping. As our confidence in Jody grew, we allowed him to incorporate his vision for our property that included a patio, a fire ring, retaining walls and walkways. His attention to planning and detail were impeccable. His cost-saving ideas were also much appreciated. Just as important to us was the professionalism of his field staff; they were extremely courteous and respectful of our property. The end result is spectacular; the quality of materials used and the fit and finish not only met but exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased with and proud of our new hardscape and landscape features, and of course the waterproofing system is working; keeping our basement dry and devoid of humidity. We recommend Parks’ Waterproofing to anyone.

Johnny E.

I would highly recommend Parks' Waterproofing for any work I had for them to do. Jody was good about coming to my home and looking at what was going on with water getting into my basement. Come to find out that had a bad down spout. Jody was good enough to show me this and the problem was an easy fix. Jody made a 40 mile trip and would not let me pay him. Thank you Jody.

Kara M.

We were having water in our basement every time it rained hard. We feared the worst, and called Parks’ Waterproofing for an estimate. After inspecting our basement, Jody told us that the issue was a $10 pipe that we could replace ourselves. He could have tried to sell us an expensive system that we didn’t need but he was honest. We are grateful for this honest business.

Matt R.

As a real estate agent in the Triad, I can tell you that many major issues found in homes originate from improper water management. The first time I met with the Parks' Waterproofing, I could tell that they were the real deal. This team really knows their stuff! Parks' Waterproofing installed their patented, lifetime warranty, free-flowing waterproofing system around the entire perimeter of a family member's house to prevent water under the house, which was causing a huge mold problem. I have also used Parks' Waterproofing to install below grade drainage for my gutter system, plus, adding a catch basin under my deck, and grading. They did an amazing job! 5/5, highly recommended to anyone!

Greg G.

If you are having water problems in your basement or house...CALL PARKS WATERPROOFING! Jody listens, takes detailed notes, then lays out a plan of attack to eliminate the issue. We made the mistake of hiring a General Contractor first because they had the time to come out sooner than Parks. Big mistake that cost my parents a great deal of money. Believe me, wait for Parks. It is worth the wait. Even though Parks was busy, he updated us weekly with a spreadsheet showing us exactly where we were on his list. We never had to call him. After he fixed our problem, which required a great deal of digging and grading, his team came out and landscaped those areas and planted grass seed. My parent's yard has never looked this good. My only complaint is that Jody will not tell me what his seed blend is or sell it to me. JODY, what is your secret??? I highly recommend Parks Waterproofing and on a personal note, Jody is a good man. He actually cares about his customer. Regards, Greg

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