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The patented Parks’ Free-Flowing Waterproofing System is not a passive installation. Rather than acting as a simple barrier against water, Parks’ Waterproofing’s system is a multi-layered application that is designed to ensure that water is effectively directed away from your foundation and basement walls. Interior waterproofing membranes do not always provide adequate protection. Your foundation and basement walls are exposed to the corrosive force of water.

With the patented Parks’ Free-Flowing Waterproofing System, your home is protected with a number of features, including:

  • Waterproofing membrane
  • Termite-treated protective insulation board (increases the R-Value of your home)
  • A high-quality filter fabric that surrounds the entire system
  • 4” wall of washed stone surrounding the perimeter that allows for drainage
  • Concrete shelf diverting water from foundation
  • Double French drain (eliminates hydrostatic pressure)

These features work together, ensuring that water never reaches your foundation slabs or basement walls. All moisture is drained away from the property, and hydrostatic pressure is completely eliminated. Conventional interior waterproofing membranes do not prevent water from infiltrating foundations or basements.

Prevent Foundation or Basement Wall Damage

Foundations and basement walls are among the most integral structures in any property. If these structures are compromised, it can result in significant damage throughout the property. Although you may not be able to see your foundation, damage can manifest in visible ways. Doors that jam or gaps above window frames and exterior doors may indicate a damaged foundation.

Cracks or gaps in the foundation or basement walls allow moisture to seep into your home. Mildew, humidity and structural damage are just some of the problems you may encounter. The patented Parks’ Free-Flowing Waterproofing System is proven to effectively eliminate water seepage.

To learn more about how the patented Parks’ Free-Flowing Waterproofing System works, contact Parks’ Waterproofing today!

Why You Should Choose Parks' Waterproofing!

Parks’ Waterproofing is the ONLY waterproofing company in North Carolina that offers maintenance free solutions in 99% of our custom solutions while maintaining the structural integrity of your foundation and code compliant

GFCI outlets trip often, pumps fail often, electricity fails often. Don’t let your dry basement be dependent on any of these!

Our Client Reviews

5.0 / 5.0

Based on 7 reviews

Greg G.

If you are having water problems in your basement or house...CALL PARKS WATERPROOFING! Jody listens, takes detailed notes, then lays out a plan of attack to eliminate the issue. We made the mistake of hiring a General Contractor first because they had the time to come out sooner than Parks. Big mistake that cost my parents a great deal of money. Believe me, wait for Parks. It is worth the wait. Even though Parks was busy, he updated us weekly with a spreadsheet showing us exactly where we were on his list. We never had to call him. After he fixed our problem, which required a great deal of digging and grading, his team came out and landscaped those areas and planted grass seed. My parent's yard has never looked this good. My only complaint is that Jody will not tell me what his seed blend is or sell it to me. JODY, what is your secret??? I highly recommend Parks Waterproofing and on a personal note, Jody is a good man. He actually cares about his customer. Regards, Greg

Susan T.

Wow! These guys are AMAZING! We had a huge problem in our crawl space. They assessed the problem, made recommendations, and gave us the estimate. They totally explained everything so we had an understanding of what would happen. They were here for over a week, did extensive work inside and out of the crawl space, including installing a sump pump with WiFi alarm, and rerouted some exterior drain pipes. They cleaned up after themselves too! Their customer service is absolutely incredible, before/during/and after! I give them a 5 star rating, but in reality, they are a PERFECT 10!!!

Dave W.

Very professional firm from beginning to end. Responded in a timely manner in the beginning answering questions and providing a quote. Once we signed the contract they promptly scheduled the work. The did quality work on time and in budget (didn’t come back asking for more money). This particular project was challenging due to terrain and confined spaces but they made the job look easy. They also cleaned up very good at the end. Excellent service!

Emily N.

These guys are AMAZING! Very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and reasonably priced! We can’t say enough good things about them! Problem solved in a very thorough and comprehensive way!!! Highly recommend them!!!!

Jeff H.

I would like to recommend Parks’ Waterproofing Company. I have been having water issues for some time now and called Jody out to take a look at the problem. During his assessment he was able to determine that a much cheaper solution was my best option. I appreciate Jody’s honesty and integrity by not taking advantage of the situation and telling me the more expensive option was the only way to fix the problem. His honesty saved me literally thousands of dollars.

Rosalee P.

We could not be happier with our job. Please relate to all who worked at our home how much we appreciate their efforts in completing our job before the snow arrived. We have never had a group of workers who worked with such enthusiasm and displayed a sense of pride in their work. Those traits are hard to find in today’s workplace. Thanks again. Tom and Rosalee Patton

Barbara B.

Communication was excellent - prompt and courteous. Workers were exceptionally well trained. Once the job was started they showed up every day and worked until the job was completed.

Lisa D.

Jody – all the rain we’ve had lately really put your waterproofing system to the test – and you passed with an A+…..A dry basement!!! We are amazed at the difference it’s made in my Mom’s house. A special THANK YOU to you and your entire team for everything. You’re providing a great service here and I’m sure that you will have much success.

The Key To Effective Waterproofing Is Removing The Water Before It Reaches Your Foundation


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